It seems like only yesterday that I was writing the front page to this website. Dreams being challenged, and hopes of accomplishments that few thought possible. This is where the adventure ends. Four short years ago I had great expectations for all forty-year-old men. Today, that hasn't changed, even after falling short of my ultimate goal. As the owner of an NBA Team said to me a few years ago; "Remember to enjoy the journey." I did and it was a great ride. So what's next? Many things. For now I will just bathe in the knowledge that I did see the completion of my task; an attempt to qualify for the U.S. Swimming Olympic Trials at 46 years of age, and see it through. No regrets and a heck of a lot of great memories. I have a lot of gratitude for everyone who supported me. Thank you! Now I ride my proverbial limo into the sunset of new beginnings.
Remembering the spark to my Dream:
"You cannot do what you cannot imagine... but you can imagine anything!"