“No one can go it alone,” characterizes the many people who have come forward to support Paul V. Carter’s effort.  Below are a list of Sponsors and links to their products and services.  Paul has actively investigated and religiously uses everything that is listed below.


Vasa Trainer

The Vasa Trainer has been a great cross training specific training aid that has not only improved my butterfly power, but enabled me to be able to train at home when I wasn't able to get to the pool or gym. I had thought that this device would be unchallenging for a strong guy like me. The first day on the trainer changed my mind. It is truly a powerful aid easy enough for long sets and hard enough to work short blasts that have helped in developing the power points in my fly. I have also been impressed with its versitility as an overall fitness machine. My assessment is if you don't have a Vasa Trainer in your home or on your pool deck, you are falling behind. I not only bought my own Vasa Trainer, but now I am a Vasa Athlete Endorser. To find out more about the Vasa Trainer go to:

Champion Nutrition

These nutritional products are unbelievable.  I can’t even begin to tell you how my body has strengthened from the use of Champion's Products.  This is my Competitive Edge. I have been using REVENGE for the Past 3 months and it is amazing how my lactic acid build-up during practice has reduced. Last year I experienced a lot of shoulder joint soreness and so far this summer I have not had any soreness at all. I also use their Protein Supplements and I know they have greatly increased my ability to recover. Continuing on where Jeff Montgomery left off Brook Claibourne at Champion has been a great help to me.  To find out the whole Champion Nutrition story go to:

Dr. Ben Weitz

Dr. Weitz has helped keep my body sound from a structural standpoint.  He is also very knowledgeable in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology for the Athlete.  His preventative medicine is keeping my body physically sound and I have never felt stronger.  For more information visit his site at:

University of Southern California Trojan Swimming

For supporting me again this summer by allowing me to train with some of the fastest swimmers in the world. I also appreciate that they believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.   Special thanks to Mark Schubert, Larry Lebowitz, Bill Jewell and Erica Hansen.